Sep. 17th, 2010 06:26 pm
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i can see why bob bailed when he did, you guys. 

not to say that i don't think this is perfectly them. does it surprise me that gee's doing a comic tie-in with the album? nope. does it surprise me that they're still playing this off as not a concept album, even though, come on. it so clearly is. 

do i sort of love it? sort of. i want to hear the rest, of course, and gee did say that this song (can we shorten it to "na na"? please?) is dumb as fuck, so there is that. i like the energy in it, though. 

also, mikey looks smoking hot blond. what? uh, yeah. 

wait a second, kids, is that grant morrison? (someone on #mcrchat pointed it out) 
i'm not shocked by this news, but seriously. fandoms colliding. 

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