Mar. 7th, 2010

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i just noticed that this journal was created on 03-03-03. i doubt i had that kind of forethought, so it's actually just a really sweet coincidence. it also means i just passed my 7 year lj anniversary, jesus. i used to post more often, at one point. i think.

real life update, how about that?
i have a sweet part-time job as an assistant to an interior designer. hello, job in my field! i thought those were myths? anyway, it's not full time, so i'm going to be looking for a supplement job at a custom furniture store or something, because i actually miss retail, who would have thought. 

i have a handful of new friends, thanks to a friend's awesome new boyfriend, which i always enjoy.

tomorrow i am going to go eat brunch at a place that makes their eggs benny on cornbread. CORNBREAD.

i've been mainlining criminal minds - but you'd think i'd have learned the lesson not to watch a season finale right before bed. you'd be wrong. onward to season five, though. i'm catching up!

i have tickets to see the young veins at the hipster-est bar (with amazing nachos) in town. which is hilarious and appropriate.

i've been taking concert photos like i'm getting paid for it, which i'm not. but it's been a ton of fun.

uhhh, what else? nothing else that i can think of. what's up with you, the few of you that are reading?


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