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So, uh, if anyone wanted to write fic about why Bob left the band, but do it Criminal Minds style, they should ask me, because that is totally what I dreamed last night.

I'm hazy on the details, but the BAU definitely got called in for girls going missing from concerts at MSG, and it turns out that Bob, wandering backstage after the last show and a little high on pain killers, saw something he shouldn't have, and now has to go into protective custody. My brain included Spencer Reid as Ryan Ross's cousin (from [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade ' s Genetic Profile), but that's probably not essential. (Fun sidenote: in my dream, Penelope Garcia could get visual impressions of what people are thinking - I blame this on reading The Waterproof Bible before bed).
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did i say that i love comic-con season yet?

gerard, on being introduced at his panel, with mikey: "Me and Mikey here are actually working on a 'Twilight' and ['My Chemical Romance'] slash fiction." (source)

love. lovelove. i seriously cackled at that.


"They joked that Mikey would himself write a comic book called "Fucking Iron Man."

Mikey Way said he looks up to his older brother. "Everything I do is inspired by him," he said, describing himself as the Tonto to Gerard's Lone Ranger. The "Umbrella Academy" writer laughed about their childhood, saying that he used to dress up as Robin while Mikey was Batman, resulting in a mismatched role reversal for the brothers. Gerard said of Mikey: "He's my best friend and he inspires me every single day." (ready? together: awwwwwwwww)

Way said that he'd most likely score the "Umbrella Academy" movie himself."

"The film, for everyone who’s curious, is going great," he added, saying a script was in the finalization process. "I want all the fans to know that [the movie] is in really good hands.""

the killjoys' icon:

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i've been reading through the [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang  stories, and has everyone read [livejournal.com profile] samedifference_ 's story yet? because it's really amazing and heartbreaking and intricate, and i fully recommend it. fully.
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is it just me, or is this update from zack possibly one of the best things ever?

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guys, guys, i have a discovery.

i really *like* empires. i mean, i knew this, but.
split the dark just caught my attention from shuffle mode, and c'mon. that vocal before the instrumentation kicks in? so pretty!
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hey hey -
warped tour video!

so it rained a lot of the day, which limited my video-taking-capabilities, and when it was sunny, i couldn't really see what i was doing, so fun times! but here's what i've got:

a handful of photos and the individual videos are available at my photobucket, as usual.
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i haven't been reccing a lot, here, but this gem popped up in my inbox notifications today, and seriously, cracked me up.
you'd have to know random bandom stuff to get most of the jokes, but go read girl!spencer is for. the. fucking. win - part of [profile] joker_and_thief's  girl! series, although all you really need to know is that girl!Spencer and Bob are together. 

so funny, made my morning. a nice short pick-me-up.
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ah haha. "last updated 53 weeks ago." ah ha.

this isn't really a serious entry, i haven't got any new excitement or anything that is spurring it, but you know. 53 weeks.

i do have a confession, though. i admit that the hp has been pushed to the wayside a little for bandom, the fueled-by-ramen verse. i blame pete wentz. no, actually, i blame [personal profile] arsenicjade. but in a good way. and maybe ryan ross. a little


going with [profile] _ofsomepassion to the nyc fall out boy show, which is exciting, as i get to go to nyc, yay, and also i wasn't going to trek to ottawa or london for the canadian shows. sort of funny, the distances i will and won't travel :-) meanwhile, the sleeping with giants tour (TAI) is in toronto next month, and i didn't get tickets. maybe they'll show up on craigslist or something.

but that's all for now, i think. maybe it won't be another year before i post again. maybe.


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