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sort of an ETA update:
if you're interested, i've got all of the videos from the detroit trip uploaded and linked from my previous entry, so take a look? and if you want original files or something, just let me know :-) wheee!
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roadtrip! expensive car rentals (no, i don't know the final $$ yet)! detroit aka clarkston! panic! fob! blink!

(coming soon, watch this space: videos take a lot of sorting through, but i will get to it, i promise)

:D (my face the whole time)

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ETA: blink!

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fob! blink!

so, last saturday was part one of two, as far as the fob/blink tour goes, so i have a picture and a couple of videos to share.
we were sitting on the lawn, so photos were not really relevant, but hey - fun with digital zoom!

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meme, from[livejournal.com profile] nafs  :

OK, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you've seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but only if you can't think of 50 other artists. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw (you can remember that, can’t you)?

i started to get stuck somewhere around 30, had to rely on openers at 42: )

for more, see my profile page, where the chronological-ish list lives.
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my friend laura ([livejournal.com profile] laurahorror ) has recapped her response to the tinted windows bamboozle set, which is, typical of laura, a good slice of her experience with all things hanson.

i felt otherwise about hanging out in the rain for a few extra hours because i sort of like seeing bands i'm not all that attached to (the ataris are fun! the sounds were directly afterward, and maja is hot!) and i'd basically signed up for 2.5 days of it... and what outdoor festival do i go to that doesn't get rained on?

meanwhile, she took pictures, and i didn't, so that is good too!

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talk about whirlwind!

i am no longer an interior design student: i handed in the final paperwork, had my final show, got suitably toasted on too much tequila.
the next morning, i flew to nj for hoodwink/bamboozle, which was amazing and wonderful and tiring and really really awesome, a+, would do again. recap later, probably.
tonight? believers never die II followed by a dj set by 3/5ths of cobra.
tomorrow? sleep/clean/laundry/omg find a job.

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the muchmusic blog was at the TAI show, and they were clearly in the pit with the crazy teenage girls, but other than that IAWTC.
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super-quick update:

photos from the academy is...!

a quick selection of my favorites:clicky clicky! )



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Do your neighbor a favor.
Collect their morning paper
And clip out all the sad bits, no one wants to read that.
Let them take their kids to school and the zoo in peace.

When you're standing near,
Tokyo Police Club.
aka what i was up to last night )
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oct 24! arrow hall! most inconvenient venue ever! show of awesomeness!

photos here!

video for your downloading pleasure, here!

that is all for now.

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hanson update!
so, the show was amazing, as expected. nyc audiences are so much fun! toronto, you need to have more fun.

download a 15 minute montage of ridiculousness or follow the cut to some photos!

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attn: contest to enter to see FOB in Toronto for an unnamed early 2009 date: via subway
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so THIS is what they meant.

xposted to [livejournal.com profile] 416shenanigang 

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panic, oh, i do love you.
can't wait can't wait. i really want to get in the pit for this, guys.
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UPDATE: the hushies are opening for one republic with augustana and the spill canvas at the sound academy on december 7th.
(sweettangerine and yahoo)

ETA: augustana - all the stars and boulevards

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hey hey -
warped tour video!

so it rained a lot of the day, which limited my video-taking-capabilities, and when it was sunny, i couldn't really see what i was doing, so fun times! but here's what i've got:

a handful of photos and the individual videos are available at my photobucket, as usual.
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concert post! unlocked to share the love!

soooo, friday was the cab/hush sound at mod club, which is one of my favourite venues (also home to the RRRGLT - was that the right amount of R's? oh, whatever). basically, i am going to say how completely awesome everyone was, and how much fun i had with the shenanigang, and leave it there, and put up photos, and video.

because the concert was great, even though singer is coming down with a cold (of course he is, it's canada.) cash is a ridiculous person in general, and not only on stage, and ian amazes me with his guitar-god-ness and general nice-guy-ness, (he hung out with us afterward at sneaky dee's till lord knows how long (i bailed at 1:30am) and and and. marshall is possibly the cutest woobie to ever be a ladies' man (rolling into the bar with three girls on his arm).

the hushies were stellar, as always. greta is my hero, staying pretty and girly and cheerful on a tour with all those boys. (she even *smelled nice* when we chatted with her after the set. why that was the main thing i noticed? couldn't tell you.) bob and mike and darren came by the bar after, too, and bob was still there when i left, at the next table over.

(i am probably forgetting people that were there - remind me!)

i have no pictures of the after show gathering, because although i tend to stare creepily, i at least don't take photos of it.

more at my photobucket
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eta: video!

(unlocked to share the squee!)
so. honda civic tour!!!!! tour of awesomeness!!!!

ok, so we had a really great time, for serious. there were sound issues for everyone but panic, there were crappy sightlines, the crush on the floor was insane (which was why i wasn't in it), but it was such fun! i want to go again and again and again! (and will see the hush sound with the cab when they roll through here, excellent!)


i was there with my friend j, but met with [profile] 416shenanigang  afterward, and for food at fran's. yay for the shananigang!

anyway, i used this as the first chance to use my shiny new camera and filled the card to the brim, so i shall share with all of you!

more at photobucket

did i neglect to say how much spencer smith stole the show for me?
[personal profile] thesamefire 's squee reminded me, so that's ok!

ETA: video! now up at my photobucket page!


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