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with all these MCR singles/b-sides we've heard, i'm more and more excited for the album, if only to finally get this mish-mash of styles in some sort of order and cohesive unit - just keeping my fingers crossed that it makes sense, then. i have my favourites, and things that i'm not sold on, but at one thing has stayed the same: gerard's ridiculous enunciation has remained the same. oh man.

(NA NA NA's still my favourite, because it makes me want to dance around like an idiot - but the sheer earnestness of SING is starting to grow on me, it's so typically them.)

at least this album is sort of going to be 'something for everyone' rather than falling into the dreaded 'the whole thing sounds the same' category.
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i am less-than-sold on the cheesy talking bits, but that's really all gerard, isn't it? 
this is music i would be caught speeding to, were i driving around, that's for sure. 

eeeeeeee! i wanna know who their drummer is, because there are some great fills in there. ray's in top form, as per usual. 

give me love, give me love, give me love, i don't need it but i'll take what i want from your heart and i'll keep it

i am in full-squee mode, but i promise i will be able to turn off my fangirl brain and turn on my critical thinking brain soon. sometime. really. 



Sep. 17th, 2010 06:26 pm
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i can see why bob bailed when he did, you guys. 

not to say that i don't think this is perfectly them. does it surprise me that gee's doing a comic tie-in with the album? nope. does it surprise me that they're still playing this off as not a concept album, even though, come on. it so clearly is. 

do i sort of love it? sort of. i want to hear the rest, of course, and gee did say that this song (can we shorten it to "na na"? please?) is dumb as fuck, so there is that. i like the energy in it, though. 

also, mikey looks smoking hot blond. what? uh, yeah. 

teaser for the new album behind the curtain... )

wait a second, kids, is that grant morrison? (someone on #mcrchat pointed it out) 
i'm not shocked by this news, but seriously. fandoms colliding. 


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