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you  guys.
what. what is this?
(this is what i get for @replying.) 

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i just noticed that this journal was created on 03-03-03. i doubt i had that kind of forethought, so it's actually just a really sweet coincidence. it also means i just passed my 7 year lj anniversary, jesus. i used to post more often, at one point. i think.

real life update, how about that?
i have a sweet part-time job as an assistant to an interior designer. hello, job in my field! i thought those were myths? anyway, it's not full time, so i'm going to be looking for a supplement job at a custom furniture store or something, because i actually miss retail, who would have thought. 

i have a handful of new friends, thanks to a friend's awesome new boyfriend, which i always enjoy.

tomorrow i am going to go eat brunch at a place that makes their eggs benny on cornbread. CORNBREAD.

i've been mainlining criminal minds - but you'd think i'd have learned the lesson not to watch a season finale right before bed. you'd be wrong. onward to season five, though. i'm catching up!

i have tickets to see the young veins at the hipster-est bar (with amazing nachos) in town. which is hilarious and appropriate.

i've been taking concert photos like i'm getting paid for it, which i'm not. but it's been a ton of fun.

uhhh, what else? nothing else that i can think of. what's up with you, the few of you that are reading?
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ahahaha, i feel the need to inform [profile] in_decisions  and  [livejournal.com profile] thejumpcut and [livejournal.com profile] thesamefire  that cobracam episode 10? filmed that infamous night at the wreckroom. no, you don't need to change your names and move out of the country, but i was at least entertained. drunk gabe is drunk :-)
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i am just gonna take a minute to brag here:

final grades, and i mean FINAL are released, and for all the stressing and freaking out, it was my best term here ever. it's pretty satisfying having my gpa get almost a whole point (.94) better over the course of 4 years.
done and done!
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talk about whirlwind!

i am no longer an interior design student: i handed in the final paperwork, had my final show, got suitably toasted on too much tequila.
the next morning, i flew to nj for hoodwink/bamboozle, which was amazing and wonderful and tiring and really really awesome, a+, would do again. recap later, probably.
tonight? believers never die II followed by a dj set by 3/5ths of cobra.
tomorrow? sleep/clean/laundry/omg find a job.

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so, the homestretch. guys, guys. i can taste it. it's totally terrifying, of course, because i have been in post-secondary schooling for 8 years of my life (about 1.5 years too long - i was telling my mother how done i was with this, and she was all "honey, you've been done for a year now.") and WHAT NOW. WHAT. i have no idea. i will be here, though, judging by the concert tickets i have in my possession.

april 23, baby. bring it.

oh dear jesus. so much to do before then.

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note to all interested: as of tomorrow morning (aka late tonight, really) i will be running away to join the circus... er... spring break (aka a week at my parent's vacay house with friends, then some baby time in maine) until the 24th. if you have to reach me, send a text or email, i'll be checking both about once a day.
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just an update on life in general: i just spent the day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and it's not even procrastinating! i handed in my project thursday, slept for 14 hours, presented friday, and am done except for a final on the 5th. SWEET. and, everything even went really well.

seven semesters down, one to go!
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Do your neighbor a favor.
Collect their morning paper
And clip out all the sad bits, no one wants to read that.
Let them take their kids to school and the zoo in peace.

When you're standing near,
Tokyo Police Club.
aka what i was up to last night )
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guys. guys. can i just say? welcome. back. america.
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things that are not my friends:
my attempt to write a decent cover letter that isn't boring as fuck
this crazy weather that is seriously going to impede my plans to get cheap souvlaki at danforth

things that are my friends:
soup and sandwiches for lunch on a rainy day
plans to go out tonight, rain be damned. any suggestions?
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i realise that i have been more or less absent for far too long, i haven't a real reason for that, i certainly *read* my flist often enough. nothing terribly interesting to say?
i go to school (good, but busy)
i go to work (good, i like the people there)
i see friends (phoenix with bk last night, leaving me sore and dehydrated from all the beer and dancing)
but that is basically it. what else does a girl need?
off to go buy groceries and try not to sink farther into the outlander series, as i have an obscene amount of homework to get done that i have been putting off.

i'll try to be a more frequent presence, really i will.
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yesterday was possibly one of the better sort of days - it rained all day when i was at work, so that was fine. it was quiet at the store, and we basically got to chill out. after closing i met b. and t. at the bagel to see fire hydrant play, and then went to the tap on bloor for a drink where we met m. for drinks. from there to the dance cave, which i was skeptical about, but they played the killers and bon jovi and acdc. too cool. too much pizza after, and a walk home, and it was just a perfect night.

meanwhile, i work 5 hours today, and have the next three days off. what to do? what to do? i have a general plan to go furniture shopping and to riverdale farm like a tourist, but aside from that, no plan.
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thank GOD that they didn't premiere the 9.11 movie before da vinci code here. i really, really didn't want to see it. my stomach was in knots just thinking about it.

meanwhile, the movie was good, but somehow the ending was sort of... blah for me. was it because i'd read it, that i thought it was really predictable? i dunno, were people surprised?

and i didn't really think i'd say this about dan brown, but the book was better. the movie was good, but i stayed up all night reading the book to see what was going to happen, and i think the movie lacked that. sort of the same way phantom did on film. like, the urgency was missing.

anyway, next movie review from me will be x3 on saturday - i'm going to see it friday after my 7-3:30 shift. we (me, bk and crew) watched the second one the other night, and it has me excited. that and a bit of a spoiler i caught in the movie magazine at the theatre. eee!
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everyone, meet cyanide and happiness. cyanide and happiness, everyone....

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

meanwhile, it's a long weekend and i'm working, but going out last night and tonight anyway. tomorrow off, yay! so that is cool. i *really* hope it's warm out.
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i was just about to go grocery shopping when it started to storm out - thunder, lightning, downpour, it's pulling out all the stops. it's lovely and warm out - 20C - too. it's beautiful standing on my balcony, i love storms in the city.

but now i have no food.

meanwhile, i need to find a cheap way to get to portland, maine. hmm.
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something to add to The List of Things Guys Have Yelled Out Car Windows At Me: "get in the trunk!"

mmmmmhm, ok. just a sec.

and also, very funny: http://mneomosyne.livejournal.com/49555.html
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aaaand it's been more than a month, sorry all.
school ate me, really. you all know how that is.

it is spring here, the leaves are coming out and the days are warming up. this is possibly my favourite time of year, actually, excepting possibly the fall when the humidity drops again. i like the transitional seasons.

school is out and it's my first summer away from home, which will be good and strange. i have a part time job and a handful of friends that will be sticking around, and my apartment, and life is good.

i've a couple of recs to throw out there, too, if anyone is interested:

Snape, the Home Fries Nazi, which is not as cracked out as it sounds - post war snape/harry, by [livejournal.com profile] pir8fancier

Blood Magic, a long and finished gen fic with an interesting premise, by gatewaygirl at schnoogle.

paradox of existence, another snape/harry, involving a time turner and grand schemes (some... paradoxical student/teacher relations here...)by DragonLight.

i hadn't realised that i've been on a snape kick, but there it is. not so much the snape/harry that gets me, but a well written snape is a pretty good judge of the quality of writing in general, i find.
anyway, enjoy!
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i just watched the last episode of the first season of queer as folk. what a cliffhanger! i mean, there are some things that i know simply because i've seen stills from later seasons, but man oh man. emotional rollercoaster. it was so lovely in parts though. and so harshly real and raw in others.

will go rent season two tomorrow. ack. it's sucking me in. all i wanted to do today (as i woke up to a thunder storm and sheets of rain) was watch it, curled up in my pjs. i don't get to do that till the weekend. bah. responsibilities.

(anyone else finding march is disappearing like woah? i need to getajob/finishdecorating/dohomework/ack the insanity. slow down, time!!!!)
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i just spent *way* too much money at hmv, yay!
rent and hp4, because i am late buying those as it is. and then the 3 for 30 racks totally ate up the rest of my money. desk set, national velvet and guys and dolls. omg yay. like, katherine hepburn with spencer tracey, then baby liz taylor and mickey rooney, and then marlon brando and frank sinatra. seriously. guess what i'm doing sunday afternoon!!!

and i've started watching season one of the us queer as folk, which i am *really* late getting into, but it saves me from fandom, i suppose. so far, i'm 8 eps in, and the only characters i like are mike and brian's lesbian baby mamas. brian is so freaking scared of taking anything seriously he irritates me. justin is young and naive and obsessive (although i recognise that he may be good for brian). sigh. it is pretty hot though.


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