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i am less-than-sold on the cheesy talking bits, but that's really all gerard, isn't it? 
this is music i would be caught speeding to, were i driving around, that's for sure. 

eeeeeeee! i wanna know who their drummer is, because there are some great fills in there. ray's in top form, as per usual. 

give me love, give me love, give me love, i don't need it but i'll take what i want from your heart and i'll keep it

i am in full-squee mode, but i promise i will be able to turn off my fangirl brain and turn on my critical thinking brain soon. sometime. really. 


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 quick question. 
fbr just linked to this on twitter, i played it in the background. and then i thought to myself, "wait, wasn't that supposed to be a travis song?" 
even under the autotune, i hear basically nothing that sounds like travis. am i alone? 

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i have no idea where this came from...
for some reason lately, firefox has been showing me youtube embeds incorrectly, which normally just means that instead of playing the actual video, it embeds something i've recently watched. instead, this time, rather than the [livejournal.com profile] patd  post with time to dance, i clicked the video and got this:

and with a little digging, found these:

4 more )

apparently from [livejournal.com profile] tothetune  here, even though that was posted after mine? my version of firefox is a precog?

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who has seen the video for i don't care? if i upload my itunes-purchased file, can other people download it? i'm guessing no, but the offer's there.

if you've seen it, thoughts? i personally love it, i love everyone in it. i'm confused about pete's blog posts about it, but that's not strange.

points of supreme love: flasher joe, patrick laughing at pete and giving him the finger, ninja andy, the water balloons (oh, boys), pete rocking out like a 16 year old girl, basically the whole thing.

questions: i think i've got everyone in it identified, but do we know the rockers at the beginning? and who is the blond guy dressed as pete? (I feel like this is obvious and i'm missing it). and i know that's not sarah palin at the end (it can't be... right?) but it's awful darn close.

altogether, generally, awesome. but i just want to see them in concert again so i can fist pump to this song. 

(is pete wearing a gun holster with flowers in it? is that meant to tie in with the revolutionary-red banners? is anyone else but pete sad that there is no neck to nuzzle with patrick's coat like that? so much to ponder!)

ETA: i think i might wait to actually buy the album to hear any of the songs - this complete my album option, it doesn't work so much when you actually buy the physical copy. and i have this thing for song order. thoughts?

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hey hey -
warped tour video!

so it rained a lot of the day, which limited my video-taking-capabilities, and when it was sunny, i couldn't really see what i was doing, so fun times! but here's what i've got:

a handful of photos and the individual videos are available at my photobucket, as usual.


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