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battle! of! the! blades!!!
arena rock week - show 01

in the practice sequence, mlg looks so sad! they sold off the seats when the leafs moved to the acc - but they have it all decked out now. it's amazing what good lighting can do!

having ron mclean and kurt browning in one place is sort of amazing, too.

it's nice to have a hockey player on the judging panel, too. (i'll second-guess this one later)

shae-lynn borne and claude lemieux:
nice chaps
good hip wiggle, claude.
ooooh a lift! (apparently a platter lift) - may as well take advantage of his strength, i suppose
he *is* sweating, wow
5.7/5.7/5.6 - eh, seems a little high for a first try

jamie sale and craig simpson:
they're making him dnce! amazing.
oh hey, flexibility!
and a toss!
no wonder he tripped over his picks so much in practice, so much on the edges.
i liked them better, for sure. he seemed to do more actual skating
5.6/5.6/5.6 - see, i thought this was better than the first one.

jodeyne higgins and ken daneyko:
ooh, wild thing! how original!
nice spin! he was clearly terrified of dropping her. you can tell she's a trick skater, though.
shakiest. lift. ever. oh man.
endurance issues maybe?
awwww, his captain jodeyne.
5.7/5.4/5.4 - that's a little better.

marie-france dubreil and stephane richer:
yay, queen!!! hockey song!
oooh, no. close, but no cigar.
ehhhhhhhhh, i dunno. i sort of didn't feel like he's having any fun.
oh, man, good for them for still doing lifts and stuff, with her falling and getting knocked out earlier in the week
5.5/5.4/5.3 - seems about right

(ooh, don cherry guest judging next week. well, at least he probably won't be perving on the women the whole time, like this week's guest (kelly rudy))

kristina lenko and bob probert:
she's used to skating with non-skaters, that'll come in handy
omg, the size difference - he's 6'4"!
*that* was a good lift
is he wearing hockey skates?

isabelle brasseur and glen anderson:
toepick! (do they have to pay cutting edge everytime they say it?)
2nd air guitar of the night
they actually look like they are skaing together, it's nice
crazy death spin! brave woman! but then, she's crazy.
5.7/5.6/5.6 - a new leader! and i think they deserve it

barbara underhill and ron duguay:
god, touching! beth underhill, you know how to get fan support
you can tell he's an entertainer already
good synchro!
they're both on hockey skates, interesting - and doing spins and !!!
and they were both really fast, too
he was the first that looked like he wasn't concentrating on his skating the whole time
i think they've been the best yet.
5.8/5.7/5.8 - yay! (sandra bezic is the hold out)

christine hough-sweeney and tie domi:
tie is *funny*, who knew?
they did a nice couple of lifts, too.
really good job!
a pretty close job at the spiral, too.
tight race here, between these last two
5.7/5.6/5.7 - not quite the lead, but still good.

whee! that's the show folks! [livejournal.com profile] nafs and i are going to try to get tickets to be in the audience in a couple weeks, should be fun.
i'm gonna make an early prediction and say it comes down to these last two in the end, based on first impressions.

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