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edited: 09/13/08: slowly starting to post unlocked things every now and then, mostly concert-y things. if you want in on the f-locked majority of posts (mainly bandom-y) let me know here! i like new people, and i'm always curious about how you found me.

edited: 09/01/2010: until LJ gives us the ability to opt out of this insanity, please do me a favour and refrain from linking anything here to facebook or twitter? thanks. 
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new fandom? oh yes!
hi, friends! i've been watching dr who like it's my job, lately! i started with 9th doctor and am just getting into 11th doctor, and watched all of torchwood (sob) and now i think i might want to start collecting fic, to have for when i'm finished with this season and going into withdrawal. 

anyone have any favourites? fandom must-read classics? primers and crack and long happy endings? 
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with all these MCR singles/b-sides we've heard, i'm more and more excited for the album, if only to finally get this mish-mash of styles in some sort of order and cohesive unit - just keeping my fingers crossed that it makes sense, then. i have my favourites, and things that i'm not sold on, but at one thing has stayed the same: gerard's ridiculous enunciation has remained the same. oh man.

(NA NA NA's still my favourite, because it makes me want to dance around like an idiot - but the sheer earnestness of SING is starting to grow on me, it's so typically them.)

at least this album is sort of going to be 'something for everyone' rather than falling into the dreaded 'the whole thing sounds the same' category.
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i am less-than-sold on the cheesy talking bits, but that's really all gerard, isn't it? 
this is music i would be caught speeding to, were i driving around, that's for sure. 

eeeeeeee! i wanna know who their drummer is, because there are some great fills in there. ray's in top form, as per usual. 

give me love, give me love, give me love, i don't need it but i'll take what i want from your heart and i'll keep it

i am in full-squee mode, but i promise i will be able to turn off my fangirl brain and turn on my critical thinking brain soon. sometime. really. 



Sep. 17th, 2010 06:26 pm
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i can see why bob bailed when he did, you guys. 

not to say that i don't think this is perfectly them. does it surprise me that gee's doing a comic tie-in with the album? nope. does it surprise me that they're still playing this off as not a concept album, even though, come on. it so clearly is. 

do i sort of love it? sort of. i want to hear the rest, of course, and gee did say that this song (can we shorten it to "na na"? please?) is dumb as fuck, so there is that. i like the energy in it, though. 

also, mikey looks smoking hot blond. what? uh, yeah. 

teaser for the new album behind the curtain... )

wait a second, kids, is that grant morrison? (someone on #mcrchat pointed it out) 
i'm not shocked by this news, but seriously. fandoms colliding. 

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 so, we all know to take everything we hear out of camp MCR with a grain of salt, at this point. and i'm determined to give the new album a fair chance when it actually makes it to us. but what on earth is going on?

cut for those of you who *really* don't want to know )
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 quick question. 
fbr just linked to this on twitter, i played it in the background. and then i thought to myself, "wait, wasn't that supposed to be a travis song?" 
even under the autotune, i hear basically nothing that sounds like travis. am i alone? 


Sep. 4th, 2010 01:55 pm
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mini-intro post to dreamwidth people - i'm in the process of expanding my reading page here, so i am on sort of a subscribing binge! if i recently  subscribed to you, it's probably because i either have you friended on LJ, or see you around all the time. feel no need to follow me back, or grant access, etc etc, unless you want to. 

all that aside, hi! how's it going?
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 i'm giving this a test run - i'm not sure how many of you use dreamwidth, other than [personal profile] nafs , but it seemed like the right time to poke around. 

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i'm not a member, so i can't comment, but *really*?
you're really going to upload the whole album, without even making the suggestion that people pay for music, thereby letting artists continue to make more music? really?

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you  guys.
what. what is this?
(this is what i get for @replying.) 

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i'm taking a break from work in order to answer the meme questions from [livejournal.com profile] nafs . yay, meme! the answer to all boredom!

cut cut cut! )
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So, uh, if anyone wanted to write fic about why Bob left the band, but do it Criminal Minds style, they should ask me, because that is totally what I dreamed last night.

I'm hazy on the details, but the BAU definitely got called in for girls going missing from concerts at MSG, and it turns out that Bob, wandering backstage after the last show and a little high on pain killers, saw something he shouldn't have, and now has to go into protective custody. My brain included Spencer Reid as Ryan Ross's cousin (from [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade ' s Genetic Profile), but that's probably not essential. (Fun sidenote: in my dream, Penelope Garcia could get visual impressions of what people are thinking - I blame this on reading The Waterproof Bible before bed).
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i just noticed that this journal was created on 03-03-03. i doubt i had that kind of forethought, so it's actually just a really sweet coincidence. it also means i just passed my 7 year lj anniversary, jesus. i used to post more often, at one point. i think.

real life update, how about that?
i have a sweet part-time job as an assistant to an interior designer. hello, job in my field! i thought those were myths? anyway, it's not full time, so i'm going to be looking for a supplement job at a custom furniture store or something, because i actually miss retail, who would have thought. 

i have a handful of new friends, thanks to a friend's awesome new boyfriend, which i always enjoy.

tomorrow i am going to go eat brunch at a place that makes their eggs benny on cornbread. CORNBREAD.

i've been mainlining criminal minds - but you'd think i'd have learned the lesson not to watch a season finale right before bed. you'd be wrong. onward to season five, though. i'm catching up!

i have tickets to see the young veins at the hipster-est bar (with amazing nachos) in town. which is hilarious and appropriate.

i've been taking concert photos like i'm getting paid for it, which i'm not. but it's been a ton of fun.

uhhh, what else? nothing else that i can think of. what's up with you, the few of you that are reading?
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so, all mcr fans should go read the blog, and then come back here and make sad faces with me.

more back here )
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hello friends!
so, i was away for two weeks for various family holiday things, and am now too lazy to really catch up on the internet shenanigans of our favourite people. so. what was with that fight pete got in? any other drama i missed? new songs/tour announcements/etc etc or anything of the like?

also, happy new year! i rang mine in with good friends, a good band in a good bar and a hot dress. and a little drunk makeout session. all in all a good start.
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hey friends -
so i did some twitter manipulating of what is locked v. unlocked, and we'll try this and see how it works: over there i'm the same as over here - @whoyouinvent - and that account is locked, but go ahead and follow me, i'll probably approve you if i know who you are (so, uh, introduce yourself here, if it's not obvious).
I also have an unlocked account under my real name (@firstnamelastname) you are welcome to follow if you know it. @whoyouinvent is going to be me being fannish, and my realname account is going to be, uh, not fannish? so it's up to you which you want to follow (or both, or neither, which ever).

that's all for now, i suppose :-)
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this post is brought to you by the glory of free airport wireless!

i am currently waiting to board a flight to the east coast, to spend the long weekend with the family - so i will be mostly mia from the interwebs until after the 14th. knowing my father, however, along with highspeed at the cottage, there is probably also wireless, so maybe not as absent as i would have been a year ago.

so! i hope me leaving the city doesn't bring shenanigans and divorces like it did last time (knock on wood), because that was fun times, let me tell you.
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sort of an ETA update:
if you're interested, i've got all of the videos from the detroit trip uploaded and linked from my previous entry, so take a look? and if you want original files or something, just let me know :-) wheee!


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