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sort of an ETA update:
if you're interested, i've got all of the videos from the detroit trip uploaded and linked from my previous entry, so take a look? and if you want original files or something, just let me know :-) wheee!
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roadtrip! expensive car rentals (no, i don't know the final $$ yet)! detroit aka clarkston! panic! fob! blink!

(coming soon, watch this space: videos take a lot of sorting through, but i will get to it, i promise)

:D (my face the whole time)

videos behind the cut! )
ETA: blink!

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well, someone had to.
it may as well be me, i suppose.

hello, handbasket!

(ETA: i suppose i ought to give credit where it's due: the video is originally nightlily's, over at youtube)

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oct 24! arrow hall! most inconvenient venue ever! show of awesomeness!

photos here!

video for your downloading pleasure, here!

that is all for now.

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just pointed out to me, the offspring's new song: you're gonna go far kid bears a remarkable resemblance to panic's lying is the most fun, y/n? discuss?
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panic, oh, i do love you.
can't wait can't wait. i really want to get in the pit for this, guys.
(spoiler for rockbandlive) )


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